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Specialty Compounding

The pharmacy is still the heart of our business.

What is specialty compounding?

Sometimes medications prescribed by your physician are not available in the appropriate or required strength, form, or combination of ingredients. These prescriptions must be filled by the pharmacy team through a process called "compounding." Although many pharmacies do some compounding, some medications require special equipment, knowledge, and techniques to make. This is referred to as specialty compounding.

At London Drugs, our specialty compounding team can make medications include hormone replacement therapy and pain management medications, as prescribed by physician.

Why you should choose London Drugs for your specialty compounding needs

At select London Drugs locations, pharmacists can provide onsite specialty compounding services. If your local London Drugs cannot provide specialty compounding services, your pharmacist can special order compounding services from a participating location. Your medication will then be shipped to your local pharmacy within 72 hours for your pickup.

How to use this service

Specialty Compounding service is available at select London Drugs locations:

  • North Town Centre 9450 137th Ave. N.W. Edmonton, AB T5E 6C2
    (780) 478-6654
  • West Broadway 525 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E6
    (604) 872-5177
  • Morgan Crossing #130 - 15850 26th Avenue South Surrey, BC V3S 2N6
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